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President Tsai's 2019 visit to Palau, Nauru, and the Marshall Islands

Local media coverage

President Tsai fights China's influence, visits three South Pacific allies

President Tsai visits Palau, signs coast guard cooperation agreement, increases direct flights, plants mango seedling

US ambassador joins President Tsai at Taiwan "thank you" banquet in Palau

Taiwan, US, and Japan shore up second island chain line of defense as China infiltrates South Pacific

President Tsai: State visits not just about bilateral cooperation, multilateral relationships equally critical

Nauru welcomes President Tsai, passes resolution supporting Taiwan

Nauru Parliament passes resolution supporting Taiwan's rejection of "one country, two system" framework and opposing China's intimidation

President Waqa takes on Goliath

Taiwan invests US$1 million in fund to help Marshallese women start businesses

All presidents talked about reform. President Tsai: But I'm the only one who's not afraid to do it.

Major breakthrough: President Tsai meets US General in Hawaii

President Tsai returns to Taiwan, says Taiwanese should go out into the world with pride

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