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1 2017/03/23 Office of the President’s response to London terror attack Chinese
2 2017/03/22 President Tsai's remarks at 2017 AmCham Hsie Nian Fan celebration Chinese
3 2017/03/20 President Tsai meets President of Salvadoran Legislative Assembly Guillermo Antonio Gallegos Navarrete Chinese
4 2017/03/09 President Tsai meets delegation from DONG Energy of Denmark Chinese
5 2017/03/07 President Tsai hosts state banquet for Nauru President Baron Divavesi Waqa Chinese
6 2017/03/07 President Tsai welcomes Nauru President Baron Divavesi Waqa with full military honors Chinese
7 2017/03/02 President Tsai receives credentials from new Tuvalu Ambassador to the ROC Limasene Teatu Chinese
8 2017/02/28 President Tsai attends ceremonies to mark 70th anniversary of 228 Incident Chinese
9 2017/02/23 President Tsai meets Mayor Nayib Bukele of San Salvador Chinese
10 2017/02/19 President Tsai delivers remarks at International Holocaust Remembrance Day event Chinese
11 2017/02/13 President Tsai attends fourth meeting of Presidential Office Preparatory Committee for National Congress on Judicial Reform Chinese
12 2017/02/10 U.S. and mainland China heads of state speak by phone. Presidential Office: Taiwan in close communication with U.S., will continue to strengthen ties Chinese
13 2017/02/05 President Tsai attends Chinese New Year luncheon for representatives of Taiwan-invested enterprises based in mainland China Chinese
14 2017/01/24 President Tsai meets Representative Catherine Nettleton of British Office Taipei Chinese
15 2017/01/22 President Tsai, Vice President Chen attend closing ceremony of national congress on pension reform Chinese
16 2017/01/22 President Tsai attends opening ceremony for national congress on pension reform Chinese
17 2017/01/21 President Tsai congratulates new US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence Chinese
18 2017/01/20 President Tsai hosts a luncheon for members of international review committee for Second National Reports of ICCPR and ICESCR Chinese
19 2017/01/20 President Tsai's Response to Pope Francis' Message for the World Day of Peace 2017 Chinese
20 2017/01/17 President Tsai meets US-Taiwan Business Council Chairman Paul Wolfowitz Chinese
21 2017/01/15 President Tsai attends expatriate luncheon in San Francisco Chinese
22 2017/01/15 President Tsai issues remarks upon return to Taiwan Chinese
23 2017/01/15 Vice President Chen hosts a banquet for members of international review committee for second national reports of ICCPR and ICESCR Chinese
24 2017/01/14 President Tsai visits SICA General Secretariat and Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador Chinese
25 2017/01/14 President Tsai welcomed with military honors in El Salvador, receives decoration Chinese
26 2017/01/14 President Tsai holds breakfast meeting with traveling press corps Chinese
27 2017/01/14 President Tsai attends state banquet hosted by Salvadoran President Salvador Sanchez Ceren Chinese
28 2017/01/14 President Tsai tours Santa Adelaida coffee cooperative in El Salvador Chinese
29 2017/01/13 President Tsai attends session of the Congress of Guatemala Chinese
30 2017/01/13 President Tsai meets for discussion with Salvadoran youth and recipients of Taiwan Scholarships Chinese
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