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271 2013/12/12 President Ma meets New York University School of Law Professor Jerome A. Cohen Chinese
272 2013/12/12 President Ma meets Israeli delegation attending First Bilateral Israel-Taiwan Life Science Conference Chinese
273 2013/12/11 President Ma meets American Institute in Taiwan Chairman Raymond F. Burghardt Chinese
274 2013/12/10 President Ma meets Harvard University Professor Joseph S. Nye Chinese
275 2013/12/10 President Ma attends ceremony bestowing Taiwan Foundation for Democracy's 2013 Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award Chinese
276 2013/12/10 President Ma attends activities to mark International Human Rights Day 2013 Chinese
277 2013/12/06 President Ma interviewed by Japan's Mainichi Newspapers Chinese
278 2013/12/06 President Ma meets President of Nauru Baron Divavesi Waqa Chinese
279 2013/12/05 President Ma meets former US Deputy Secretary of State James B. Steinberg Chinese
280 2013/12/04 President Ma meets Kingdom of Swaziland's House of Assembly Speaker Themba Msibi Chinese
281 2013/12/03 President Ma meets American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger and American Legion Auxiliary National President Nancy Brown-Park Chinese
282 2013/12/02 President Ma attends opening ceremonies of 2013 International Austronesian Conference Chinese
283 2013/12/02 Remarks by President Ma at Opening Ceremony of 2013 International Conference on Consumer Protection Chinese
284 2013/12/01 President Ma attends International Conference on 70th Anniversary of Cairo Declaration Chinese
285 2013/11/28 President Ma attends forum with higher education groups Chinese
286 2013/11/28 President Ma meets heads and senior officials of five government branches at reception Chinese
287 2013/11/28 President Ma meets participants attending International Symposium on Regional Security and Transnational Crime Chinese
288 2013/11/27 President Ma meets St. Lucia Prime Minister Kenny D. Anthony Chinese
289 2013/11/26 President Ma meets Japanese scholars and experts attending 30th Sino-Japanese Modern Engineering and Technology Symposium Chinese
290 2013/11/25 President Ma meets First Vice President of Paraguay's Supreme Court of Justice Luis Maria Benitez Riera Chinese
291 2013/11/23 Remarks by President Ma at 2013 Global Health Forum in Taiwan Chinese
292 2013/11/19 President Ma meets Sao Tome and Principe Prime Minister Gabriel Arcanjo Ferreira da Costa Chinese
293 2013/11/14 President Ma meets delegation from US State of Arizona led by Governor Janice K. Brewer Chinese
294 2013/11/14 President Ma meets delegation from Italian Senate's Committee on Environment, Environmental Properties and the Land Chinese
295 2013/11/13 President Ma attends closing ceremonies of 2013 Conference of Overseas Community Affairs Council Chinese
296 2013/11/13 President Ma meets global economic trend watcher Chris Anderson Chinese
297 2013/11/13 President Ma meets delegation on visit marking 50th anniversary of Asian Cultural Council Chinese
298 2013/11/08 President Ma attends reception celebrating signing of economic partnership agreement between Taiwan and Singapore Chinese
299 2013/11/06 President Ma meets Japan Interchange Association Chairman Mitsuo Ohashi Chinese
300 2013/11/05 President Ma attends International Forum on Green Productivity 2013 and inaugural of APO Center of Excellence on Green Productivity Chinese
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