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271 2015/04/23 President Ma meets delegation from US National Association of Secretaries of State Chinese
272 2015/04/17 President Ma meets former Swiss President Pascal Couchepin Chinese
273 2015/04/15 President Ma bestows honor on Singapore Trade Representative to Taiwan Calvin Eu Mun Hoo Chinese
274 2015/04/14 President Ma meets delegation led by Muslim World League Secretary-General Abdullah Bin Abdulmohsin Al-Turki Chinese
275 2015/04/14 President Ma attends reception and Q&A session with Japanese journalists stationed in the ROC Chinese
276 2015/04/14 President Ma meets delegation led by US Veterans of Foreign Wars Commander-in-Chief John W. Stroud Chinese
277 2015/04/13 President Ma meets delegation led by US State of Kentucky Governor Steven Beshear Chinese
278 2015/04/12 President Ma attends activity to mark second anniversary of Taiwan-Japan fisheries agreement Chinese
279 2015/04/10 President Ma meets delegation of Canadian senators Chinese
280 2015/04/10 President Ma meets delegation led by Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 laureate Shuji Nakamura Chinese
281 2015/04/09 President Ma's address at AmCham 2015 Hsieh Nien Fan celebration Chinese
282 2015/04/08 President Ma's address at Taiwan Foreign Correspondents' Club Chinese
283 2015/04/07 President Ma meets delegation led by Japan Interchange Association Chairman Mitsuo Ohashi Chinese
284 2015/03/31 President Ma meets delegation led by Dominican Republic Senate President Cristina Lizardo Mezquita Chinese
285 2015/03/30 President Ma meets Israeli delegation attending 2015 Taiwan & Israel Co-Education and Co-Innovation Forum Chinese
286 2015/03/28 President Ma takes part in run to emphasize children's rights and mark Children's Day 2015 Chinese
287 2015/03/26 President Ma's address at opening ceremony of 7th International Congress of Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control Chinese
288 2015/03/25 President Ma meets former Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi Chinese
289 2015/03/25 President Ma meets World Alliance of YMCAs President Peter Posner and representatives from Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs Chinese
290 2015/03/23 ROC government expresses deepest condolences over passing of founding prime minister of Singapore and longstanding friend Mr. Lee Kuan Yew Chinese
291 2015/03/20 President Ma meets Japanese Political Science Association President Yutaka Tsujinaka Chinese
292 2015/03/20 President Ma meets Kiwanis International President John Button and local Kiwanis officers Chinese
293 2015/03/19 President Ma's address at Fulbright Research Workshop 2014-2015 Chinese
294 2015/03/19 President Ma meets delegation led by Republic of Haiti Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship Pierre-Duly Brutus Chinese
295 2015/03/19 President Ma meets European Bank for Reconstruction and Development President Suma Chakrabarti Chinese
296 2015/03/18 President Ma meets delegation from Harvard Asia Law Society Chinese
297 2015/03/17 President Ma meets delegation of Irish senators Chinese
298 2015/03/17 President Ma bestows honors on Harvard University Professor William Ching-Lung Hsiao and Princeton University Professor Uwe Ernst Reinhardt Chinese
299 2015/03/16 President Ma's Remarks at Taiwan's National Health Insurance 20th Anniversary Symposium and Round Table Chinese
300 2015/03/14 President Ma observes the water supply situation and irrigation water conservation measures in Hsinchu area Chinese
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