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31 2017/01/13 President Tsai hosts expatriate banquet in El Salvador Chinese
32 2017/01/13 President Tsai arrives in El Salvador Chinese
33 2017/01/13 President Tsai attends ceremony for donation of Acer's teaching module for "CloudProfessor" system Chinese
34 2017/01/13 President Tsai hosts luncheon for expatriate community in Guatemala Chinese
35 2017/01/12 President Tsai tours the city of Antigua and Palace of the Captains General in Guatemala Chinese
36 2017/01/12 President Tsai and Guatemalan President Morales attend joint press conference, exchange decorations Chinese
37 2017/01/12 President Tsai arrives in Guatemala, receives welcome with military honors Chinese
38 2017/01/11 President Tsai attends luncheon with Taiwanese expatriate community in Nicaragua Chinese
39 2017/01/11 President Tsai attends inauguration of Nicaraguan President Ortega Chinese
40 2017/01/11 President Tsai attends breakfast with Nicaraguan Taiwanese Business Chamber, visits Taiwanese firms Chinese
41 2017/01/10 President Tsai arrives in Nicaragua Chinese
42 2017/01/10 President Tsai meets Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega Chinese
43 2017/01/10 President Tsai attends welcome banquet hosted by Nicaraguan business leader Chinese
44 2017/01/10 President Tsai and Honduran President Hernandez hold bilateral talk and joint press conference Chinese
45 2017/01/10 President Tsai attends state banquet hosted by Honduran President Hernandez Chinese
46 2017/01/10 President Tsai visits Basilica of Suyapa and ROC Plaza in Tegucigalpa Chinese
47 2017/01/09 President Tsai's itinerary during stopover in Houston Chinese
48 2017/01/09 President Tsai attends expatriate banquet and One Town One Product (OTOP) exhibit in Honduras Chinese
49 2017/01/09 President Tsai arrives in Honduras, delivers remarks at reception for former Taiwan Scholarship recipients Chinese
50 2017/01/09 President Tsai attends dinner banquet with Taiwanese expatriates in Houston Chinese
51 2017/01/07 President Tsai delivers remarks aboard aircraft after departing for Central America Chinese
52 2017/01/07 President Tsai delivers remarks before boarding plane bound for Central America Chinese
53 2017/01/05 President Tsai meets delegation from Harvard University's Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies Chinese
54 2016/12/31 President Tsai's remarks at year-end press conference Chinese
55 2016/12/29 President Tsai attends 25th meeting of Presidential Office Human Rights Consultative Committee Chinese
56 2016/12/27 President Tsai attends preparatory meeting for Presidential Office committee on indigenous justice Chinese
57 2016/12/22 President Tsai meets new Korean representative to ROC Yang Chang-Soo Chinese
58 2016/12/21 President Tsai attends 2016 Forum on Opportunities for New Southbound Policy Chinese
59 2016/12/21 Statement on termination of diplomatic relations with Sao Tome and Principe Chinese
60 2016/12/20 President Tsai to depart on January 7 for Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador Chinese
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