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  • President Lee Welcomes Malawi President with Military Honors
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President Lee Teng-hui, accompanied by Vice President and Premier Lien

Chan and ranking government officials, this afternoon welcomes Malawi

President Bakili Muluzi to Taipei with military honors.

At the 21-gun military salute ceremony at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial

Hall, President Lee says that President Muluzi's visit will further

consolidate the long-lasting cooperation between the ROC and Malawi and

add new force to the enhancement of friendship between the two countries.

President Lee thanks President Muluzi for coming to Taipei for 1996

Republic of China National Day celebrations, adding that this year's

Double Tenth Day carries new historic significance because the ROC has

become a full-fledged democracy following the first direct presidential

election on March 23 of this year.

President Lee also praised President Muluzi for his outstanding leadership

in Malawi since his assumption of the presidency in 1994, including his

promotion of a number of political, economic, and financial reforms in

pursuit of cooperation among political parties and higher standard of

living for the Malawi people.

President Muluzi, on behalf of the Malawi government and people, gives

his sincerest wishes to President Lee and the ROC people on the eve of

their National Day. He also says that the ROC and Malawi have maintained

diplomatic ties for more than three decades and the ROC has extended

timely help whenever his country was in need of financial and technical


Meanwhile, President Muluzi notes that the ROC's first direct presidential

election held under the military threat of the Chinese Communists was a

great achievement that has won worldwide respect.

At the invitation of President Lee, President and Madame Muluzi come to

the ROC for attending this country's National Day celebrations. They will

leave on October 12 after a six-day stay.

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