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  • President Tsai delivers remarks aboard aircraft after departing for Panama and Paraguay
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President Tsai delivers remarks aboard the aircraft. The F-16 fighter jets from the ROC Air Force convoy President Tsai's chartered aircraft.
President Tsai Ing-wen departed on Friday, June 24 at 9:00 a.m. (Taipei time) to visit diplomatic allies Panama and Paraguay. In remarks delivered over the aircraft's public address system, the president thanked government colleagues and the China Airlines crew members for their hard work in making the trip happen, and expressed hope for a smooth and successful trip that will bring worldwide attention to Taiwan.

The president stated that during this nine-day trip the delegation will visit diplomatic allies Panama and Paraguay, and said that the outbound and return legs of the trip will include transit stops in Miami and Los Angeles, respectively, in the United States. The itinerary is packed and grueling, she added.

The president also mentioned that quick and satisfactory completion of arrangements for this trip was achieved thanks to the hard work of colleagues in many different government agencies, and she expressed hope that everyone's efforts will ensure a smooth trip. Said the president: "We are all delegation members. We act as one. We work together toward the accomplishment of a single goal, which is to make the Republic of China, make Taiwan, and make the world see us, and to give the world an opportunity to get to know Taiwan, Taiwanese people, and the Republic of China."

The president noted that the delegation includes personnel from both the Office of the President and many government agencies, as well as members of the Legislative Yuan. In addition, many friends from media organizations are also accompanying the delegation and will help report back to Taiwan what they see and hear during the trip.

President Tsai specially thanked the China Airlines crew members for all they have done to prepare for the trip, and noted that they have overcome many difficulties to ensure the delegation's smooth departure. Commenting on the efforts of many China Airlines employees in Taiwan to fight for their rights and dignity, the president stated: "We will accompany you on this path, and will not let you feel like you're on your own." We will frequently exchange views throughout this process, she added, and administration officials and the new China Airlines management will stay in close communication with everyone.

The president closed by once again thanking government colleagues and delegation members for their hard work and participation. She also voiced hope for a smooth and successful trip.
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