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  • President Tsai meets presidents and vice presidents from Central and South America
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President Tsai meets with Guatemalan Vice President Jafeth Cabrera Franco. President Tsai meets with Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina Sanchez. President Tsai meets with El Salvador Vice President Oscar Samuel Ortiz Ascencio. President Tsai meets with Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez Alvarado.
President Tsai Ing-wen, leading a Taiwan delegation to Panama for the first time, held successive meetings on the morning of June 26 (Sunday, local time) with Guatemalan Vice President Jafeth Cabrera Franco, Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina Sanchez, El Salvador Vice President Oscar Samuel Ortiz Ascencio, and Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez Alvarado.

During those meetings, as recounted by Deputy Secretary-General to the President Tseng Hou-jen (曾厚仁), President Tsai expressed gratitude to all of Taiwan's allies for sending congratulations on her election victory and designating representatives to attend her inauguration.

Deputy Secretary-General Tseng also said that during President Tsai's meeting with Guatemalan Vice President Cabrera, she made a point to express hope that in the future, exchanges and cooperation in core policy areas can be strengthened, including medicine and public health, education, and basic infrastructure. She also highlighted Taiwan's excellent pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities, saying that in the future, both parties should engage in deeper discussions to develop new ways to cooperate.

During that meeting Vice President Cabrera also mentioned that in Guatemala, more and more women are participating in politics. Deputy Secretary-General Tseng said that President Tsai noted that women's level of participation in politics is an indicator of social progress. She also commented that all Taiwan citizens, both men and women, are pleased to see women's increasing participation in politics and involvement in societal affairs.

Turning to President Tsai's meeting with Dominican Republic President Medina, Deputy Secretary-General Tseng said that President Medina thanked the Taiwan government for its long-term assistance to the Dominican Republic, and expressed hope that more Taiwan textile and clothing enterprises will invest in his country. President Tsai responded by saying that the textile industry is one of Taiwan's strengths, and that we would be quite pleased to build on our existing foundation, and continue to expand economic and trade cooperation in all areas with the Dominican Republic.

Deputy Secretary-General Tseng then recounted the discussions between President Tsai and El Salvador Vice President Ortiz. In that meeting, President Tsai reaffirmed that the Taiwan government would be pleased to assist El Salvador's economic and social development based on their government's policy agenda, and especially hopes to expand cultural cooperation and youth exchanges. Vice President Ortiz then expressed hope that Taiwan can serve as a springboard to launch his country's products into Asian markets. President Tsai responded by saying that she will request that relevant departments such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan External Trade Development Council discuss how to establish a platform to help Salvadoran products access those markets, as well as Taiwan's domestic market.

According to Deputy Secretary-General Tseng, Honduran President Hernandez opened his meeting with President Tsai by expressing his gratitude for the Taiwan government's scholarship programs, which have been a tremendous help in Honduras' talent cultivation and capacity building efforts. The Honduran president also has high hopes that bilateral exchanges and cooperation will be expanded in the future. President Tsai expressed hope that both parties will work together to establish a platform that will encourage entrepreneurs and young students in both countries to interact more, and allow more Honduran students to come to Taiwan to study.

Deputy Secretary-General Tseng stated that during these meetings, President Tsai also extended a sincere invitation to all of the presidents and vice presidents of Taiwan's allies, welcoming them to visit Taiwan and continue to enhance friendly diplomatic ties and cooperation.
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