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President Tsai gets a rousing welcome in the Marshall Islands
President Tsai gets a rousing welcome in the Marshall Islands

At 1:40 p.m. (local time) on the afternoon of Monday, October 30 (9:40 a.m. October 30, Taipei time), President Tsai Ing-wen and her delegation arrived at Amata Kabua International Airport in the Marshall Islands.

After the chartered aircraft came to a halt on the tarmac, ROC Ambassador to the Marshall Islands Diann-wen Tang (唐殿文) and Marshall Islands Secretary of Foreign Affairs Bruce Kijiner boarded the plane to welcome President Tsai. Marshall Islands President Hilda C. Heine, her husband (Paramount Chief Iroijlaplap Patrick Lein Zedkaia), and Majuro Mayor Ladie N. Jack welcomed President Tsai at the foot of the airstair. After President Tsai exited the aircraft, she accepted a welcoming wreath from a Marshall Islands protocol officer and flowers from local children. President Heine then accompanied President Tsai in accepting a red-carpet military honor guard salute.

During the welcoming ceremonies at the airport, President Heine asked Mayor Jack to present President Tsai with a key to the city of Majuro. President Tsai then delivered remarks, noting first that President Heine led a delegation to Taiwan in May 2016 to attend her inauguration, and as a female president and outstanding educator, made a deep impression on her. President Tsai said she was happy to see President Heine again, and to have the opportunity to formally visit the Marshall Islands. President Tsai also mentioned that the Marshall Islands was the first Pacific ally that she has visited since taking office as president.

President Tsai pointed out that Taiwan and the Marshall Islands enjoy strong official ties and share common ideals including the pursuit of democracy, freedom and sustainable development. For almost 20 years, the two countries have also shared the same vision, working together to promote cooperation in many areas including education, economic growth, and healthcare.

President Tsai also expressed hope that she will be able during this visit to see the results of such cooperation, and to get a first-hand feel for the local Austronesian culture. She also expressed confidence that bilateral exchanges and dialogue will help Taiwan and the Marshall Islands develop a closer partnership.

And finally, President Tsai used the Marshallese phrase "Kommol tata!" to thank President Heine once again for inviting her to visit, and the people of the Marshall Islands for their warm welcome.

Afterward, President Tsai descended the dais to give her regards to local school children and representatives of the expatriate community. The school children, dressed in traditional local warrior garb, stood in two rows on either side in a show of welcome, adding to the friendly and festive atmosphere.

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