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President Tsai attends tree planting ceremony, meets Tuvalu Prime Minister Sopoaga
President Tsai attends tree planting ceremony, meets Tuvalu Prime Minister Sopoaga

On the afternoon of November 1 local time (morning of November 1, Taipei time), President Tsai Ing-wen took part in a tree planting ceremony at the Tuvalu Government Building and met for talks with Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sosene Sopoaga.

Upon arriving at the Tuvalu Government Building, President Tsai and Prime Minister Sopoaga each took a spade in hand and planted a coconut seedling before jointly unveiling a plaque inscribed with"邦誼長青,"(May Taiwan-Tuvalu relations stay evergreen) symbolizing the close friendship between Taiwan and Tuvalu.

Afterward, President Tsai and Prime Minister Sopoaga engaged in wide-ranging bilateral talks on matters of shared concern. President Tsai thanked the prime minister for the many times he has spoken out on behalf of Tuvalu at international venues in support of Taiwan's participation in international organizations.

Noting that Tuvalu has been steadily progressing and developing under the leadership of Prime Minister Sopoaga, President Tsai stated that Taiwan, as a faithful partner of Tuvalu, will do everything possible under the auspices of various cooperation programs to contribute to Tuvalu's development. For example, she said, the two countries can continue to enhance cooperation in such areas as talent cultivation, clean energy, and the response to global climate change.

In addition to thanking Prime Minister Sopoaga for his support for Taiwan, the president also expressed hope that Tuvalu will continue to assist Taiwan in its quest to join the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and other international conventions and organizations so that Taiwan and Tuvalu can work together for sustainable development throughout the world.

Just prior, President Tsai went to the Tuvalu Governor-General Residence to meet with Tuvalu Governor-General Iakoba Taeia Italeli, and thank Tuvalu for the warm hospitality accorded to her delegation. She also expressed hope that the governor-general will continue to support official ties between Taiwan and Tuvalu so that bilateral relations can steadily progress and the two countries can together achieve even better results through cooperation.

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