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President Tsai receives decoration from Belize Governor-General Colville Young
President Tsai receives decoration from Belize Governor-General Colville Young

On the evening of August 16 local time (morning of August 17 Taipei time), President Tsai Ing-wen received a decoration from Belize Governor-General Colville Young.

After President Tsai arrived, Governor-General Young accompanied her to view artifacts on display at the Museum of Belize. The president was then awarded a sash and the Order of Belize, presented by Governor-General Young, to recognize her outstanding leadership, and her support for and friendship toward Belize.

President Tsai then delivered remarks, saying that when her delegation landed at the airport that day, they were given a grand welcome by Governor-General Young. She thanked Belize for the warm reception, and extended sincere greetings on behalf of the people of Taiwan.

President Tsai then said that this was her first visit to Belize, and she had long been looking forward to meeting Governor-General Young, an outstanding statesman, educator, musician, and artist, who also happens to be very fond of Taiwan. The governor-general, she said, has visited Taiwan many times, and his work has been translated and published in our country, helping Taiwanese get to know more about Belize. So during this visit, she also hoped to learn more about Belize, and hear the governor-general's impressions of and observations about Taiwan.

President Tsai then said that receiving the Order of Belize—the country's highest honor—from Governor-General Young attests to the robust diplomatic ties between Taiwan and Belize, and also underscores a firm mutual commitment to developing the bilateral partnership.

President Tsai went on to say that since Taiwan and Belize established diplomatic relations nearly 30 years ago, the two countries have cooperated closely on projects including infrastructure, agriculture, public health and medicine, education, culture, and ICT. Our cooperative achievements have been widely praised, she said, and she expressed confidence that Taiwan and Belize will continue to build on this strong foundation to promote sustainable development in both countries.

President Tsai closed her remarks by offering a special thanks to Governor-General Young for publicly expressing support—on many occasions—for Taiwan-Belize diplomatic ties, and Taiwan's participation in international organizations. She then said she looks forward to the governor-general's continued backing so that Taiwan and Belize can offer mutual support and make even greater contributions to international society. In closing she wished the governor-general the best of health and happiness, and expressed her hope that Taiwan and Belize will both continue to prosper, and the bilateral friendship will thrive long into the future.

Afterward, President Tsai attended a state banquet hosted by Governor-General Young where they had lively conversations in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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