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President Tsai attends Facebook's "Made by Taiwan, Loved by the World" launch ceremony
President Tsai attends Facebook's "Made by Taiwan, Loved by the World" launch ceremony

At the launch ceremony for Facebook's "Made by Taiwan, Loved by the World" on the afternoon of September 27, President Tsai Ing-wen said that Taiwan is Facebook's best friend and best business partner. Taiwan wants to join with Facebook and connect with the world, she said, so that the world can see the best of Taiwan through Facebook. The president also welcomed Facebook friends from around the world to continue to expand partnerships with Taiwan and increase their investments in Taiwan.

After arrival, President Tsai was accompanied by Facebook's Vice-President of Asia-Pacific Dan Neary and Minister of Economic Affairs Jong-Chin Shen (沈榮津) to visit display booths for Taiwan brands.

The following is a translation of President Tsai's remarks:

Facebook is one of the world's most important software platforms for online communities, and a social network designed to connect people. Facebook is also the reason hundreds of creators of outstanding Taiwanese brand names are gathered here today, once again proving that Facebook is the best tool for connecting people.

We just saw Vice President Neary's superb presentation, and I'm sure that, like me, everyone here has high expectations for Facebook's program for cooperation with Taiwan through 2020, is eager to try it out, and ready to introduce your best products and the best of Taiwan to the whole world through Facebook.

Taiwan and Facebook have three important connections. First, Taiwan is Facebook's best friend. Among Taiwan's 23 million people, there are 19 million Facebook users.

That's an extremely high market penetration rate, and shows that Taiwanese enjoy using Facebook, and have made it an important part of their daily lives. I also use Facebook, and have my own Facebook page, with more than two million followers. In fact, right now we are using Facebook Live to allow countless friends to watch this event on the Internet. So in just a minute, look lively!

Another social networking app developed by Facebook, called Instagram, is also popular in Taiwan, especially with young people. So let me publicize something here: I also have an Instagram account. After I finish my remarks, you can all hurry over to my Instagram page and follow me. It's quite possible that your picture will be up there.

The second connection is that Taiwan is Facebook's best business partner.

Taiwan plays a critical global role as a "technology island." We already have a highly information-based society, and comprehensive industrial clusters and infrastructure. Most important, we have a deep pool of top-notch technology personnel.

That means Taiwan is strong in manufacturing hardware and has a good manufacturing environment, as well as a deep pool of skilled talent. At the same time, we are transforming our energy sector. That includes efforts to develop renewable energy, an issue that Facebook deems highly important. Most important, we uphold the values of democratic rule of law, and guarantee freedom of expression. Taken together, these factors have allowed Taiwan and Facebook to become best business partners.

The two connections I already mentioned are in the present, while Taiwan's third connection with Facebook points to the future. Taiwan wants to work hand-in-hand with Facebook to connect with the whole world. Through Facebook, the world will see the best of Taiwan.

The government is currently promoting our "5+2 industrial innovation program" to tap into the value-added, innovative, and transformational capabilities of key industries to drive Taiwan's economy toward new milestones.

One element of that program, the "Asia Silicon Valley" initiative, emphasizes building an ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship based on research and development so that Taiwan can become a critical node in the Asia-Pacific region, linking Silicon Valley and other key global technology clusters. Facebook's commitment today to invest more resources in Taiwan is an important step, and shows that the international community supports the "Asia Silicon Valley" initiative.

I'm sure that future cooperation between Taiwan and Facebook—whether forging connections with Silicon Valley, training personnel, creating brand visibility, or in other areas—will leverage our complementary strengths. Together, we can generate even more opportunities to develop innovative and entrepreneurial industries.

Some of you here today represent big, internationally known name brands, but most of you are hidden champions—small and medium sized enterprises that are the pride of Taiwan. You represent the best of Taiwan. You are the industrial competitive advantage that Taiwan wants to show the world through Facebook. I am confident that Taiwan's industries can definitely shine more brightly in the Internet community. So remember what I'm telling you: You have to get out there and shine!

The Taiwan government is continuing to strengthen infrastructure and amend regulations to create a better environment for investment and start-ups. We have the best talent, and an outstanding and stable business climate. We welcome more firms from all over the world to join many companies investing in Taiwan.

This is also what motivated the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Facebook to cooperate on this event. Taiwan's excellent, competitive products surely can be "Made by Taiwan," and preferably "Made in Taiwan," and then "Loved by the World." So I welcome our Facebook friends to follow Google, Amazon, Cisco, and Microsoft, acknowledge Taiwan's development potential, and expand your partnership with Taiwan. Now is the best time to increase your investment in Taiwan.

Taiwan has the best industrial base, and Facebook is the best tool for making connections. Together, we will get the whole world to connect with Taiwan, and love Taiwan. As Vice President Neary said in his report, we will "Make Taiwan Shine." Thank you, and don't forget to take photos, check in, and post them on Facebook.

After her remarks, the president and distinguished guests jointly conducted the launch ceremony. The attendees included Jayne Leung (梁幼莓), Facebook's Head of Greater China, and Fei Yu (余怡慧), Facebook's Head of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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