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News & activities
Taiwan delegation arrives in Marshall Islands for state visit
Taiwan delegation arrives in Marshall Islands for state visit

President Tsai Ing-wen and her "Oceans of Democracy" delegation arrived at the Marshall Islands' Amata Kabua International Airport on the afternoon of March 26 (morning of March 26 Taipei time), after a flight time of nearly two hours.

After the aircraft came to a halt on the tarmac, ROC (Taiwan) Ambassador to the Marshall Islands Jeffrey S.C. Hsiao (蕭勝中) and Marshall Islands Ambassador to the ROC (Taiwan) Neijon Edwards boarded the plane to welcome President Tsai. She waved to the welcoming crowd as Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) accompanied her off the aircraft to the bottom of the airstair, where Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine and her husband waited to greet her and shake hands. President Tsai also accepted a floral garland from Majuro Chief Ester Zedkaia before making her way down the red carpet with President Heine to wave greetings to the young Marshallese and Taiwanese expatriates in attendance amidst a lively and jubilant atmosphere.

Among those attending the event were Marshall Islands Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade John Silk, Foreign Secretary Bruce Kijiner, and Mayor of Majuro Atoll Ladie Jack.

Marshall Isalnds President Heine gives President Tsai a warm hug.
President Tsai and her delegation receive a warm welcome in the Marshall Islands.
President Tsai waves greetings to people welcoming her to the Marshall Islands.
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