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President Tsai meets participants in international training course organized by Ministry of National Defense
President Tsai meets participants in international training course organized by Ministry of National Defense

On the morning of June 13, President Tsai Ing-wen met with participants in the 14th session of an international training course, organized by Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense, for senior military officers from allies in Latin America and the Caribbean. She declared that Taiwan can take on responsibility to contribute to regional peace. Taiwan is an indispensable partner to the international community, she said, and we will strengthen relations with countries in Latin America by facilitating further substantive cooperation and exchanges.

In remarks, the president first extended a warm welcome to the training course participants on behalf of Taiwan's people and armed forces. She noted that her guests have strong academic backgrounds and extensive experience, and they all hold important positions. This latest round of military and academic exchanges, she added, has facilitated the sharing of professional knowledge and helped to bolster friendship between Taiwan and the home countries of the course participants.

The president pointed out that while Taiwan is not large, we are nevertheless a member of the international community, and we actively participate in international cooperation in many areas, including humanitarian aid, medical assistance, and disease prevention and research. We want to show the world that Taiwan can help. Taiwan can take responsibility to contribute to regional peace, and is an indispensable partner to the international community.

President Tsai said that since taking office she has led numerous delegations to Latin America to discuss and offer assistance on economic and trade matters, science and technology, agriculture, education, and military affairs. The Taiwan government's concrete actions have shown that we are  willing to maintain friendly ties with all countries, she said.

The president also took the opportunity to thank her visitors' home countries for speaking up for Taiwan, familiarizing friends around the world with Taiwan's situation, and giving Taiwan their encouragement, despite China's efforts to suppress Taiwan diplomatically, prevent our international participation, and isolate us.

The president expressed confidence that her visitors have developed a deeper understanding of Taiwan during their stay, and said she hopes that after they return home, in addition to conveying her best regards to their respective heads of state, they can also tell others about Taiwan's beauty and strengthen our relations by facilitating further cooperation and exchanges.

Included among the visitors were Nicaraguan Ambassador to Taiwan William Manuel Tapia Alemán (head of the foreign diplomatic corps in Taiwan), Paraguayan Ambassador to Taiwan Marcial Bobadilla Guillén, and Belizean Ambassador to Taiwan Diane Haylock.

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