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President Tsai meets Haitian Ambassador Rachel Coupaud
President Tsai meets Haitian Ambassador Rachel Coupaud

While meeting with Haitian Ambassador to Taiwan Rachel Coupaud on the afternoon of November 6, President Tsai Ing-wen stated that the ambassador is Haiti's best spokesperson in Taiwan and will always be Taiwan's good friend. The president also expressed hope that Ambassador Coupaud will continue to give Taiwan her full support and wished her great success in her new post.

A translation of President Tsai's remarks follows:

In a few days, Ambassador Coupaud will be returning to Haiti and then proceed to another country to take up her new post. On behalf of the government and people of the Republic of China (Taiwan), I want to thank you for your efforts to foster our bilateral friendship, and extend our best wishes.

Ambassador Coupaud has been posted in Taiwan for eight years, living together with us, and has helped Taiwan-Haiti relations make great progress. During that time, she arranged for Haitian former President Michel Joseph Martelly and incumbent President Jovenel Moïse to visit Taiwan. Haiti was the first stop on my visit to our Caribbean allies last year, and the ambassador flew all the way home to be there and receive our delegation. So we are very grateful.

I noticed that the Haitian embassy recently joined the French Office in Taipei to hold the first conference on the French language in Taiwan. Ambassador Coupaud attended in person to share her language learning experiences.

This kind of activity and sharing have enriched the lives of people in Taiwan. Over the past few years, Ambassador Coupaud has organized activities like Haitian food festivals and exhibits, and helped Haitian industry and trade delegations visit Taiwan to look for business opportunities. All of these efforts have helped Taiwanese get to know our ally better and deepened our economic and trade ties.

In recent years, our countries have worked together on many cooperative projects and this year, we faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic together. I want to take this opportunity to thank President Moïse for speaking up for Taiwan at this year's United Nations General Assembly, praising our assistance in fighting the pandemic and supporting our international participation. When you return to Haiti, Ambassador Coupaud, please convey our gratitude and greetings to President Moïse.

Ambassador Coupaud is Haiti's best spokesperson in Taiwan, and will always be Taiwan's good friend. In the future, I hope that you will continue to give Taiwan your full support, and we welcome you to come back and visit old friends anytime. Once again, I want to thank you for your contributions, and I wish you great success in your new post.

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