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President Tsai accepts credentials from new Belize Ambassador Candice Pitts
President Tsai accepts credentials from new Belize Ambassador Candice Pitts

On the morning of April 20, President Tsai Ing-wen accepted the credentials of new Belize Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of China (Taiwan) Candice Pitts. The president welcomed Ambassador Pitts to her post in Taiwan and expressed hope that Taiwan and Belize will continue to break new ground in our relationship.

Following is a translation of President Tsai's remarks:

First, on behalf of the government and people of the Republic of China (Taiwan), I would like to sincerely welcome you, Ambassador Pitts, to your new post in Taiwan.

Over the past few months, the new Belizean administration has continued to deepen its cooperation with Taiwan under the leadership of Prime Minister John Briceño. Your appointment as ambassador to the ROC (Taiwan) is further testament to the value the government of Belize places on our diplomatic ties.

Ambassador Pitts has a wealth of academic and professional experience. Having served as a member of the Belize City Council, you are keenly aware of the needs and expectations of the people. I understand you have attended events at our Embassy in Belize, located in Belize City. I am sure that in the future, your understanding of public opinion and knowledge of our bilateral relations will help build even stronger ties between our two nations.

You have also been an educator for many years, and have actively contributed to women's empowerment and other important causes. Your experience can help facilitate further cooperation between our nations in areas such as education and gender equality.

This October, we will mark the 32nd anniversary of our diplomatic alliance. Over the years, Taiwan and Belize have enjoyed a very close relationship. I myself visited Belize to witness firsthand the results of our bilateral cooperation. I was deeply impressed by your country's natural beauty, as well as the depth of support for Taiwan among your people.

Last year, our two countries worked together to tackle the pandemic while continuing to deepen our collaboration across a range of fields. We signed an economic cooperation agreement, an air services agreement, and a treaty on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. Today, we are glad to welcome a new ambassador from Belize, and look forward to breaking new ground in our bilateral relationship. Ambassador Pitts, let me once again congratulate you on your new posting, and wish you every success.

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