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President Tsai meets winners of 2021 Golden Merchant Awards
President Tsai meets winners of 2021 Golden Merchant Awards

On the morning of October 28, President Tsai Ing-wen met with the winners of this year's Golden Merchant Awards, given to Taiwan's outstanding businesspeople, foreign commerce offices, foreign businesses, traditional and local specialty shops, and innovative traditional businesses. The president thanked the award winners for contributing to Taiwan's pandemic response while performing admirably in their respective fields, serving as a force for social good.

A translation of President Tsai's remarks follows:

With Taiwan's Merchants Day and the Golden Merchant Awards ceremony just a few days away, it is a pleasure to meet with you all before the ceremony to congratulate you in person. You could say that our Golden Merchant Awards are like the Oscars for our business sector. All the award winners have risen above the competition, and are truly outstanding businesspeople, foreign businesses, foreign commerce offices in Taiwan, and firms with uniquely local traits.

A prime example is this year's Outstanding Businessperson, Innolux President James Yang (楊柱祥). Under his leadership, Innolux has used innovation and differentiated technology to provide customers across the world with cutting-edge display integration solutions, putting his company at the forefront of market trends. Another good example is this year's Outstanding Foreign Business, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, which continues to invest in R&D for new drugs, making exceptional contributions to global medicine and the fight against the pandemic. In recent years, the company has engaged in volunteer service, becoming a positive force in Taiwanese society. 

We also have the Outstanding Traditional Taiwan Business winner, Wei Jung Food Industry (味榮食品), which has long promoted the use of local ingredients, and has signed contracts with small farmers to spur local development. I have also visited Wei Jung's Taiwan Miso Culture Museum, and was very impressed by their dedication and efforts to promote food and agricultural education. Another winner of the Outstanding Traditional Taiwan Business award here today is Want Show Laundry (萬秀洗衣店), which I have also visited. Grandpa Wan-ji (萬吉) and Grandma Sho-er (秀娥) breathe new life into old clothes in a chic fashion, which has brought them international fame – a truly impressive achievement.

This year, we also have five winners of the Outstanding Foreign Commerce Office award. I want to thank all the foreign diplomats stationed in Taiwan for their continued efforts to strengthen our bilateral cooperation and deepen our friendships. In particular, given the global shortage of COVID-19 vaccines, we were all very grateful for and touched by the "friendship vaccines" donated by Japan.

Although time constraints do not allow me to introduce each of this year's winners, I can say you are all among our most admired commercial partners and outstanding entrepreneurs. For over a year now, you have all worked to respond to the challenges of the pandemic, while continuing efforts to succeed in your respective fields.

Once again, I want to thank you all for your contributions. Many challenges await, so let's keep working together. I hope you will all continue to achieve breakthroughs and reach new heights in your respective fields.

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