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Vice President Lai meets incoming Honduran President Xiomara Castro
Vice President Lai meets incoming Honduran President Xiomara Castro

On the evening of January 26 local time (morning of January 27 Taipei time), Vice President Lai Ching-te presented his credentials as President Tsai Ing-wen's special envoy to incoming Honduran President Xiomara Castro and offered his congratulations on her inauguration, saying that he looks forward to even closer cooperation and stronger ties between Taiwan and Honduras.

During their meeting, President-elect Castro highlighted the importance of the support that Taiwan provides to Honduras, and noted that during the presidential term of her husband José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, Taiwan extended substantial assistance to her country, which was instrumental in the completion of a range of domestic projects.

Vice President Lai then expressed his admiration for President-elect Castro's courage and perseverance, and mentioned that President Tsai had made a point of noting that President-elect Castro will be Honduras' first woman president, a distinction she shares with President Tsai as the first woman president of Taiwan. The vice president called for strengthening our bilateral friendship and cooperation to help our countries make further progress and improve our peoples' welfare.

Answering questions from the traveling Taiwanese media, President-elect Castro said that the people of Honduras have always been grateful for Taiwan's support and assistance, noted that our countries have long enjoyed close cooperation, and expressed hope for a firm friendship going forward.

Earlier, the vice president dined at his hotel with incoming Honduran Vice Presidents Salvador Nasralla and Doris Alejandrina Gutiérrez, as well as Vice President-elect Nasralla's wife.

In remarks at the dinner, Vice President Lai said that, with such a busy schedule, he was grateful that the two vice presidents were able to make time to attend the dinner, and expressed how grateful he is to represent the Republic of China (Taiwan) as special envoy of President Tsai to the inauguration of President Castro and her three vice presidents.

The vice president said he looks forward to Honduras and the Honduran people prospering under the leadership of incoming President Castro and her three vice presidents, and to an enduring partnership between Honduras and the Republic of China (Taiwan), after which the two sides shared a toast to the friendship between our nations.

During the course of the dinner, those in attendance discussed opportunities for cooperation in agriculture and livestock, education, medical services, and trade, with hope for even closer cooperation between Taiwan and the new Honduran administration so that we may strengthen bilateral ties and advance the long-term welfare of our peoples.

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