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President Tsai welcomes President Russ Joseph Kun of Nauru to Taiwan
President Tsai welcomes President Russ Joseph Kun of Nauru to Taiwan

On October 8, at the invitation of our government, a delegation led by President Russ Joseph Kun of the Republic of Nauru, accompanied by his wife, arrived in Taiwan for a five-day visit through October 12. Presidential Office Spokesperson Olivia Lin (林聿禪) stated that President Tsai offered a sincere welcome to President Kun and his delegation on behalf of the government and people of Taiwan.

Spokesperson Lin also stated that President Tsai will receive the delegation on the morning of October 9 at the Presidential Office, where they will engage in discussions regarding bilateral cooperation and issues of mutual concern. During this visit, the spokesperson added, President Kun will also participate in this year's National Day Celebration and attend the 2023 Yushan Forum, where he will deliver the opening address. 

Spokesperson Lin said that the delegation includes Nauru Minister for Education Richard-Hyde Menke, Deputy Minister for Land Management Jason Bingham Agir, Substantive Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Trade Dominic Joselito Tabuna, and Members of Parliament Shadlog Armait Bernicke and Charmaine Eraidinomo Scotty, a total of 17 key government officials and elected representatives, which shows how Nauru values our friendly diplomatic ties. 

For many years, Spokesperson Lin noted, the Nauru government has staunchly supported Taiwan's participation in international organizations and mechanisms such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Taiwan and Nauru also engage in frequent exchanges and cooperate closely across such fields as basic infrastructure, public health and medicine, clean energy, information and communications technology, agriculture and fisheries, and coast guard affairs.   

Spokesperson Lin said that we hope that President Kun's visit will further deepen our friendly ties and promote the well-being of our peoples, so that together our two maritime countries can contribute to peace, stability, and democratic development in the Indo-Pacific region as forces for good.

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