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President Tsai meets visiting group from US-based Micron Technology
President Tsai meets visiting group from US-based Micron Technology

Meeting on the morning of June 8 with a group of visitors from the US-based Micron Technology, Inc., President Tsai Ing-wen stressed that the Taiwan government will do everything it can to assist with Micron Technology's plans for expansion in Taiwan. She also expressed hope that Micron Technology will continue to invest in Taiwan to create win-win situations.

In remarks, President Tsai noted that Micron Technology CEO Sanjay Mehrotra just took the reins at Micron Technology a month ago, and said it is surely a tremendously challenging task to lead a company of global influence. She expressed confidence that under Mr. Mehrotra's leadership Micron Technology will scale new heights. The president also extended best wishes for the success of Micron Technology and Mr. Mehrotra.

President Tsai mentioned that she had met in September 2016 with previous Micron Technology CEO Mark Durcan, and in December she attended a ceremony marking Micron Technology's acquisition of Taiwan's Inotera Memories. She stressed that the government attaches great importance to investments by foreign companies, and will do everything it can to assist with Micron Technology's plans for expansion in Taiwan. The president expressed hope that Micron Technology under the leadership of Mr. Mehrotra will continue to invest in Taiwan.

President Tsai pointed out that Mr. Mehrotra has a wealth of experience in industry and no doubt understands the key importance of Taiwanese companies and talent to global high-tech supply chains. Choosing Taiwan as a principal R&D and production base to establish a strong global position in DRAM technologies and markets, is win-win cooperation.

President Tsai stated that The Economist last week published an article which pointed out that foreign firms have maintained a positive view of Taiwan's prospects for the past year, and foreign direct investment in the electronics industry here has also surged. One important reason why foreign firms are bullish about Taiwan's economic outlook is that the clear policy direction of the Taiwan government has bolstered people's confidence.

President Tsai pointed out that the government is now promoting economic structural reforms with a determination seldom seen in the past. In addition to encouraging industrial innovation and pursuing deregulation, the government is also using the New Southbound Policy to strengthen links to ASEAN members, New Zealand, and Australia, as well as the markets of South Asia where Mr. Mehrotra was born, in order to expand and balance Taiwan's foreign trade relationships. At the same time, the government is also boosting industry-academia cooperation as a means of cultivating personnel with the skills needed to support future industrial growth. In addition, the government is working to launch the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program to further improve the infrastructure that provides the water and power needed by the semiconductor industry.

And finally, President Tsai stressed that the investment climate in Taiwan will get better and better, and welcomed Mr. Mehrotra to provide suggestions directly to the Taiwan government so that we can do a better job.

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