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President Tsai meets delegation led by Paraguayan Congress and Senate President Silvio Ovelar
President Tsai meets delegation led by Paraguayan Congress and Senate President Silvio Ovelar

President Tsai Ing-wen met with a delegation led by Mr. Silvio Ovelar, president of the Paraguayan Congress and Senate on the morning of January 28. She said she hopes to continue fostering bilateral win-win development with Paraguay by concentrating on three major areas: investment, infrastructure development, and trade.

In remarks, President Tsai welcomed Mr. Ovelar and his cross-party delegation of important senators to Taiwan. Noting that the last time she had met with Mr. Ovelar was during the inauguration ceremonies for Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benítez, she said she was pleased to have an opportunity to speak with him again.

President Tsai mentioned that it had been 15 years since Mr. Ovelar had last visited Taiwan, and he had surely noted much change and development in Taiwanese society. She also pointed out that delegation member Senator Víctor Bogado had visited Taiwan many times, and said she was happy to see the delegation visiting and getting to know Taiwan.

In the course of Taiwan and Paraguay's 61-year diplomatic relationship, said the president, bilateral ties have grown steadily stronger, thanks in no small part to the unflagging support of the members of this delegation, as well as Taiwan's many other friends in Paraguay. She then noted that her first state visit after taking office as president was to Paraguay, and it is the only country where she has made two state visits. Moreover, Taiwan is the first country that President Abdo Benítez visited after assuming office. These visits serve as further proof of the depth of the friendship between Taiwan and Paraguay, she said.

President Tsai pointed out that she and President Abdo Benítez both hope to create win-win situations by cooperating in the three key areas of investment, infrastructure development, and bilateral trade.

President Tsai mentioned that Taiwan and Paraguay are cooperating successfully in such fields as healthcare, agriculture, fisheries, and education. The president also thanked Mr. Ovelar and the other senators for their support for the bilateral memorandum of understanding signed late last year. Their backing helped secure the MOU's ratification within just one week, and this new MOU will ensure more future cooperation.

Finally, noting that this was Paraguay's first visiting delegation of 2019, President Tsai said she was pleased to host friends from a diplomatic ally in the very first month of the new year. She also said she welcomes more friends from Paraguay to visit Taiwan, in order to further strengthen bilateral interactions.

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