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President Tsai meets US Senator Ted Cruz
President Tsai meets US Senator Ted Cruz

While meeting with a delegation led by Ted Cruz, member of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, on the afternoon of October 10, President Tsai Ing-wen thanked him for strongly supporting Taiwan's international participation. The president also said she is sure that through close Taiwan-US cooperation, we can contribute more to the world.

A translation of President Tsai's remarks follows:

First, I would like to welcome Senator Cruz to Taiwan. You are the first US Senator to attend our National Day celebrations in 35 years. It's a pleasure to meet with you again today. I remember after I was elected president in January of 2016, Senator Cruz issued a news release calling Taiwan an "exemplar of liberty, and the best hope for peace in East Asia."

Senator Cruz's support is evident in all the Taiwan-friendly legislation passed by the US Senate. So on behalf of the people of Taiwan, I want to express our deepest appreciation.

Over the past few years, thanks to your staunch support, issues important to Taiwan have been included in the annual US National Defense Authorization Act. This year, that Act reaffirms that the Taiwan Relations Act and Six Assurances are the cornerstones of Taiwan-US relations. It also encourages strengthening Taiwan-US cooperation and exchanges to boost Taiwan's self-defense capabilities.

In addition to military exchanges and cooperation that help Taiwan and the United States work together to safeguard a free and open Indo-Pacific, we also look forward to signing a bilateral trade agreement, and continuing to deepen our partnership, so that together we can promote industrial development in both countries.

I am sure that through close Taiwan-US cooperation, we can contribute more to the world. I also want to offer Senator Cruz a special thanks for strongly supporting Taiwan's international participation.

Senator Cruz is a true friend of Taiwan. Taiwan-US relations are stronger than ever, and we look forward to working with you to develop even deeper and broader cooperative ties.

In his remarks that followed, Senator Cruz thanked President Tsai for her hospitality and for the deepest friendship from the Taiwanese people. It was an honor to join this National Day celebration, he said, and an honor to be on the platform earlier that morning to hear President Tsai's inspirational remarks about the legacy Taiwan embodies of liberty and democracy.

Senator Cruz stated that the United States and Taiwan have an incredibly important alliance militarily, diplomatically, and economically, and that this alliance and friendship benefit both nations. He also expressed hope that the two nations would sign a bilateral trade agreement, as it would be of great benefit to both countries.

The senator then remarked that all eyes in the world are focused on Hong Kong, and on the brutal repression that is being visited upon the people of Hong Kong. The stakes being fought for are democracy and freedom, he said, and that is what Taiwan rightfully symbolizes to the world. He firmly reiterated that the American people are proud to be friends of Taiwan, and proud to stand with Taiwan.

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