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About the Committee

Duties and operations of the committee

Duties of the committee

The duties of the committee include advocating and acting as a consultant on human rights policies, researching international human rights systems and legislation, proposing international human rights exchange activities, and acting as consultant to the president on other human rights issues.

Committee operations

The committee convenes once every three months, and may additionally meet in extraordinary session as necessary.
As required by the principle UN Human Rights Conventions, the government shall regularly issue a national human rights report and convene an international review committee. This Committee is to advise the government on these matters, and to ensure that concluding observations and recommendations are implemented.
Important human rights issues that the president has put on the committee's agenda, or that committee members themselves have raised, are discussed. Once a resolution is passed, it is submitted to the president, and then forwarded as instructed by the president to the proper authorities for implementation or further study.
The main function of the committee is to provide the president with advice and opinions on human rights matters. It does not hear complaints from the public, but it does pay close attention to comments by the public on human rights matters, and to situations that have sparked widespread concern and have a bearing upon human rights policies. Such matters may make it onto the committee's agenda and result in the passage of a resolution. In such cases, the resolution will be presented to the president and then forwarded as instructed by the president to the proper authorities for formulation of related policies or the drafting of legislative amendments.
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